Adventure Awaits: Experience the Best Events on Topsail Island!

Adventure Awaits: Experience the Best Events on Topsail Island!


Topsail Island, a beautiful barrier island located off the coast of North Carolina, offers a variety of outdoor events and activities for adventurers of all ages. From water sports and fishing to live music and festivals, Topsail Island is the perfect destination for adventure seekers.

Summer Outdoor Events

Summer on Topsail Island is always bustling with outdoor events. The most popular event is the Annual Topsail Island Jeep Week, which brings together Jeep enthusiasts from all around the country for a week of off-roading, beach cruising and live music. The event also features Jeep vendors and family-friendly activities.

For those looking for a more laid-back experience, the Soundside Park Summer Concert Series is an excellent option. The series features weekly live music from local and regional artists, and guests are welcome to bring their own lawn chairs and blankets.

Water Sports

Topsail Island is perfect for water sports enthusiasts. The island offers a variety of activities, including surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing. There are also several local companies that offer rentals and lessons.

The best time for surfing is during the summer months, when the waves are at their best. The island offers several beaches with excellent waves for surfers of all skill levels. For kayaking and paddleboarding, the island has several calm waterways, including the sound side of the island, where visitors can enjoy a peaceful paddle.

Finally, Topsail Island is ideal for fishing. The island has several piers, including the Surf City Pier, that offer visitors the opportunity to fish for a variety of species, including flounder, trout, and red drum.

Winter and Spring Events

While summer is peak season on Topsail Island, the island also offers events during the winter and spring months. The Annual Topsail Island Surf Fishing Challenge takes place in the fall and winter months and is an excellent event for anglers of all skill levels. The challenge offers prizes for the biggest fish caught from the beach.

In the spring, Topsail Island hosts the Annual Topsail Island Quarter Marathon, which is a unique running event that takes runners across the island’s beautiful beaches. The event is perfect for runners who are looking for a challenging and scenic course.

Fall Festivals

Fall is an excellent time to visit Topsail Island because of its popular annual festivals, including the Autumn with Topsail Festival. The festival is held in October and features live music, local vendors, food, and amusement rides. This festival is perfect for families looking for a fun and festive fall event.


For adventure seekers, Topsail Island is an excellent destination. From water sports and fishing to outdoor events and festivals, the island has something for everyone. Whether you’re visiting during the summer or the fall, be sure to check out the island’s calendar of events to make the most of your trip.

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